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Mindlife Solutions Ltd

Mindlife is the developer of ProRelax A professional biofeedback program

Mindlife Solutions Ltd (formally Ultramind International Ltd) is an Israeli company that is focusing in the development and marketing of biofeedback programs since 1993.  

The ProRelax, mindlife major product, is being used by therapists for professional interventions in many fields and areas such as: 

- Stress management and peak performance.
- Anxiety and phobias. 
- Variety of somatic problems such as IBS, Hyper tension. Migraines and many others

Now a days, when the awareness to the effectiveness of mental strength is widely recognized, biofeedback technology becomes more and more required and is therefore being used by a growing number of therapists and trainers from all kinds of treating and coaching fields.
Among Mindlife clients there are hospitals and medical centers, private institutes, universities, private clinics, individuals, sport psychologists, educational psychologists, Israeli Defense Force and many more.